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TQM Dimension Individual Lectures
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Contents Order

TQM in Daily

Introduction to TQM. 7 Web Pages, 17 PowerPoint Slides

W. Edwards Deming, the Father of Modern Quality 2 Web Pages, 21 PowerPoint Slides
Teams 5 Web Pages, 19 PowerPoint Slides
Basic Quality Control Tools 15 PowerPoint Slides
Problem Solving and Six Sigma 4 Web Pages, 31 PowerPoint Slides, Six Sigma Web with 4 pages
Daily Management 7 Web Pages, 20 PowerPoint Slides
Creativity, Innovation, TRIZ 4 Web Pages, 34 PowerPoint Slides, TRIZ Web Site with 28 pages, 6 figures and six tables
International Quality Systems: ISO/QS-9000, Baldrige, Deming Prize 4 Web Pages, 13 PowerPoint Slides

TQM for

Management and Planning Tools, AHP for Decision Making 8 Web Pages, 26 PowerPoint Slides, 1 Case Study, MS Excel AHP template
Theory of Constraints 8 Web Pages with TOC tools,
29 PowerPoint Slides
New Lanchester Strategy 5 Web Pages
Hoshin Planning and Policy Management 5 Web Pages, 33 PowerPoint Slides, 1Case Study

TQM for Product Development

Voice of Customer 4 Web Pages, 16 PowerPoint slides, pages 1-79 of VOC and QFD training manual (English or Spanish). 3 Case Studies
QFD and the House of Quality, Blitz QFD 4 Web Pages, pages 80-83 of VOC and QFD training manual (English or Spanish), MS Excel QFD Template. 3 Case Studies
Kansei Engineering for Image and Emotional Requirements 45 Annotated PowerPoint Slides. Brand Engineering Report, College Pager Case Study
Taguchi Methods and Design of Experiments 4 Web Pages with exercise
QFD Design Matrices: Function Deployment (Value Engineering) and Reliability Deployment 5 Web Pages, pages 84-90 of VOC and QFD training manual, 1 Case Study
QFD Manufacturing and Service Deployments 3 Web Pages, pages 91-130 of VOC and QFD training manual
Cross Functional Management 4 Web Pages
Final Reports Student Reports integrating all TQM methods 23 lengthy reports covering manufacturing, service, sports, software, and other applications. US$25
TQM Dictionary TQM Dictionary Common terms, definitions, and links within this site and to other web sites