Student Testimonials

  • " of the most interesting, knowledgeable and fun courses I took."
    Mohammad Mohsin
  • "...the only practical course I took when it pertains to my professional career."
    Jay Nagle, Saturn Electronics
  • "He has made many valuable materials available to his students and the class does an excellent job of improving
     the teamwork and presentation skills of the students."
    Kathryn Clevenger
  • "I have to admit that it was probably the MOST valuable, applicable to work, and (relevant) information intensive 
    class that I have taken at U of M."
    Todd Cassidy, Ford Motor Co. 
  • "... now that I've graduated I find myself using the material I learned in your course all the time."
    Sally Zhang, Dietrich Metal Framing

  • "It was an incredible learning experience....your pragmatic approach and real examples were extremely valuable."
    Hazel J Cannon, Chair, The Deming Forum, UK

  • "You are one of the most professional instructors I have ever watched...and you made it fun, too."
    Marcia Buser, Chair, American Society for Quality Portland OR Section

  • "...more valuable and useful than any other class I had taken during my time in Michigan."
    Charles Jin Han

  • "This team was by far the best working unit I have ever worked with in both PIM, the B-School (MBA), and the
    corporate world."

    Mike Taila

  • "It is very rewarding to me to be able to take a class and apply what I've learned to my every day activities in the
    work place."
    Yvonne Jones, General Motors

  • "A constant stream of adulation! You've set the bar inordinately HIGH... You did a superlative job."
    Bob Neel, Accelerated Product Development Program, Australia

  • "I took your TQM course in the winter of 1998 and am forever thankful that I did.  I have applied concepts and
    methods of Total Quality Management during my last semesters at school and now my first months in the workplace."
    David Menna, Naval Architect, Newport News Shipbuilding

  • "As a result of superior instruction such as yours, our GM students learn to 
    better analyze and innovate, as well as continuously improve the product and processes of General Motors."

    Edward Alef, Dean of Product Planning and Curriculum Development
    GM Technical Education Program

  • " my opinion, the best layout for a Web-based quality course."
    Quality Progress, (9/97, 9/98)

  • "Thanks to you for an outstanding course!"
    Cheri Lantz, DaimlerChrysler

  • "Mr. Mazur is one of the greatest lecturers that I have ever had .... He knows how to teach."
    Yuka Muto

  • "Eric and I used TQM and QFD concepts to develop a cost trade off technique for preliminary ship design."
    Dave Singer

  • "I just wanted to drop a note and tell you that I found your class to be very worthwhile. It is amazing how little the
    average practicing engineer knows about quality or what it really means."
    Eric Mokrenski, Motorola

  • "I have found myself using the skills that you taught me almost everyday. The education that you provided has
    value beyond words."
    Matthew Koneda, Science Applications International Corporation

  • "It also ranks as one of the best classes as far as real world usefulness I have taken."
    Michael Walker

  • "It has shown to be one of the most valuable classes of my academic career."
    Jason Makaroff, GE Medical Systems

  • "It is amazing how many times in the last two years I have mentioned that my favorite class in college was TQM.
    Thanks for doing such a great job teaching it."
    Timothy Sharpe, Microsoft

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