QFD Software

In general, a good software program should enable you to do things that are difficult, time-consuming, or impossible to do otherwise. I have found, however, that many commercially available QFD software packages do little more than manipulate a House of Quality, and that they limit the equations and analyses used in the latest QFD Institute Belt courses. Further, their instruction manuals show QFD as it was practiced more than 20 years ago.

For this reason, as a certified QFD Red Belt, I provide clients and Belt course students with free specially formulated Microsoft Excel templates that contain the most up-to-date mathematical models and equations, and the training and manuals to use them.

Ironically, the cost of the public QFD Green Belt course (including training manual and Excel templates) can be less than many of the commercially available QFD software packages.

Watch out for free-ware and on-line QFD tutorials. Like their commercial brothers, they can be woefully out of date, and can cost you precious time, effort, and QFD team good will in trying to use them.

How to choose a QFD trainer or consultant