Consulting, Facilitation, and Training by Glenn Mazur
Glenn Mazur has been certified by Dr. Yoji Akao at the highest level of QFD Mastery, the QFD Red Belt® and is authorized to teach these courses. He is a certified QFD-Architekt #A21907 by QFD Institut Deutschland. For in-house programs, contact Glenn Mazur at For scheduled public courses, please visit Student testimonials.
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QFD Belt Certification. Glenn Mazur follows the guidelines set by the QFD Institute for both provisional and full certifications. See the QFDI website for details on how to achieve full status certification, or email us.
Course Name


QFD White Belt® 1-day introductory lecture on QFD principles and case studies. View samples of the over 100 page training manual. In-house only.
QFD Gold Belt® and Technical Diagnosis Custom tailor QFD to integrate into your product development process plus executive presentation of diagnosis results. Required for in-house QFD Black Belt® training. In-house.
Technical Support Email and on-site support is available to former and current clients, as well as to non-clients who wish a review and advice with their QFD projects.
QFD Green Belt® 3-day team member workshop on QFD principles, tools, and application to your products. Includes software and Blitz QFD®. In-house course uses your custom tailored tools and sequence; public course uses generic models.
QFD Black Belt® 6-9 day facilitator workshop to apply your custom tailored QFD process to a live project. Taught in short just-in-time modules as project progresses. Prerequisites: QFD Gold Belt®/Technical Review, QFD Green Belt®. Train-the-trainer option. In-house and public (generic course taught at annual QFD Symposium).

QFD Master Black Belt®

10-day QFD Specialist course on how to custom tailor the QFD process for multiple industries, how to train QFD Gold Belt® and QFD Black Belt®. Prerequisite: QFD Black Belt® and permission of instructor.

Voice of Customer for Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma

3-day course in deriving and understanding the voice of the customer, especially unspoken requirements, based on verbatims (surveys), observations (gemba analysis), and customer documentation (RFQ, Specifications). For 6s and DFSS practitioners.
Associated Methods and Tools


1 or 2-day course in prioritization and decision making using the Analytic Hierarchy Process. Project Selection, Super Pugh Concept Selection, etc. Includes templates. In-house.

Kansei Engineering

2-day course to explore aesthetic, image, and human factor needs of customers. In-house.

New Kano Model

1-day course in enhanced Kano Model and QFD integration.

New Lanchester Strategy

2-day course to determine sales and product development strategies. In-house.
Hoshin 2-day Policy Management and strategy course to develop business and new product development strategies. In-house.
TRIZ 1-day course in classical TRIZ for innovative solutions to product and process problems. In-house.
TQM Principles, methods, and tools of Total Quality Management. Includes the above topics. Web-based course as taught at the University of Michigan, and In-house.


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