Glenn Mazur's QFD Photo and Video Gallery (chronological order)
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QFD Training at Ford, 1987

Glenn Mazur, Yoji Akao, and Bob King at Ford Motor Company, March 25, 1987

QFD Training to ASI, 1987.

Yoji Akao teaches QFD at the American Supplier Institute in Dearborn, MIchigan. Clockwise from top: Shin Taguchi, Glenn Mazur, Yoji Akao, Larry Sullivan. August 20, 1987.

Teaching QFD for Kaizen, 1987

Masaaki Imai's Kaizen Institute sponsors QFD training by Yoji Akao. Glenn Mazur, Stuart Chalmers, Yoji Akao with clients, August 26, 1987.

QFD Training at Meade Imaging, 1987

Masaaki Imai's Kaizen Institute sponsors QFD training by Yoji Akao at Meade Imaging, August 28, 1987.

QFD Training at Ford Glass, 1988

Will Loeffler and associate toast Glenn Mazur and Yoji Akao after QFD training at Ford Glass Division, March 23-24, 1988.

Teaching QFD for Kaizen, 1988

Masaaki Imai's Kaizen Institute sponsors QFD training by Prof. Ohfuji. Stuart Chalmers, Tadashi Ohfuji, and Glenn Mazur, 1988.

Visit to GOAL/QPC, 1989

Bob and Ellen King host Yoji Akao, Glenn Mazur, and Satoshi Nakui at GOAL/APC, August 8, 1989

Teaching QFD for Kaizen Institute, 1990

Masaaki Imai's Kaizen Institute sponsors QFD training by Yoji Akao and Tadashi Ohfuji. Glenn Mazur, Richard Zultner, Tadashi Ohfuji, Stuart Chalmers, Alice Hunt, and Yoji Akao, August 4, 1990.

Visit to General Motors, 1990.

Harold Ross, Glenn Mazur, Yoji Akao after QFD training at General Motors, August 7, 1990.

Hoshin Study Mission, 1991

Glenn Mazur and Joe Colletti study Hoshin Kanri with Yoji Akao, Kozo Koura, Kaoru Shimoyamada, Satoshi Nakui, Noriharu Kaneko and other Japanese experts. July 1991.

Relaxing with Mama-san during QFD Study Mission, 1994

After studying QFD and Hoshin Kanri with Dr. Kozo Koura and Noriharu Kaneko, Glenn Mazur and Richard Zultner take a needed break with Mama-san in Tokyo, Japan, March 3, 1994.

VOC Tutorial, 1994

Mazur leads the Voice of Customer tutorial at the 6th Symposium on QFD in Novi, Michigan. June 12, 1994.

Karaoke, 1995

Yoji Akao looks disappointed at VOK (voice of karaoke) when Glenn Mazur and Satoshi Nakui take the lead vocals after QFD study mission to Japan, March 23, 1995.

Shindo and Mazur at JUSE, 1995

Dr. Hisakazu Shindo and Glenn Mazur prepare QFD presentation for JUSE, March 24, 1995.

1st ISQFD, 1995

Glenn Mazur is joined by Richard Zultner, John Terninko, and Mark McDonald at the First International Symposium on QFD, Tokyo Japan, November 11, 1995.

Akao Prize original, 1996

Glenn Mazur presents Akao Prize "original" to Yoji Akao at 2nd International Symposium on QFD at Novi, Michigan. June 10, 1996.

Bob King receives Akao Prize, 1996

Yoji Akao and Glenn Mazur, as Executive Director of the QFD Institute, confer the first Akao Prize on Bob King of GOAL/QPC at the 2nd ISQFD in Novi Michigan, June 10, 1996.

International Congress on Quality, 1996

Glenn Mazur defends his poster session on using QFD to establish a TQM course at the University of Michigan, to Dr. Yoshizawa of Tsukuba University, at ICQ - '96 in Yokohama Japan. October 15, 1996.

Tamagawa University, 1996

Glenn Mazur and Richard Zultner join Dr. Akao at Tamagawa University during QFD study mission to Japan, October 18, 1996.

Mazur teaching QFD in Japanese, 1997

Glenn Mazur teaches QFD in both English and Japanse (which is how he learned it from Akao, Mizuno, Ohfuji, Ono, Shindo, Fukuhara, Kaneko, and Nakui). Tokyo, Japan. March 24-26, 1997.

Teaching QFD in Brazil, 1997.

Glenn Mazur teaches "QFD for Products" and "QFD for Services" advanced courses at EXO Excelência Organizacional, Campinas, Brazil. May12-16, 1997.

Akao Prize, 1998

Yoji Akao confers Akao Prize on Glenn Mazur, after introduction by Bob King of GOAL/QPC. At 4th International Symposium on QFD, August 4, 1998 in Sydney Australia.

Advanced QFD Class, 2000

Graduates of the Advanced QFD Class taught by Yoji Akao, Glenn Mazur, John Terninko, and Richard Zultner at Novi, MIchigan, June 7-9, 2000.

Georg Herzwurm receives Akao Prize, 2000

Yoji Akao and Glenn Mazur, as Executive Director of the QFD Institute, confer the Akao Prize on Dr. Georg Herzwurm of the University of Cologne at the 6th ISQFD at Focus Hope, Detroit MIchigan, June 5, 2000.